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I thought it spelt out exact and exo but I'm not sure what the 3 was for... i guess the 3 from M

(● . ●) '' !

It's actually exact, exo and 3 means it's the album EXO released.


wht else can u expect from sehun XD boy talks shit about everyone.

Oh Luhan

Luhan just loves Apink's "no no no" doesnt he XD Ps. Never call Luhan feminine again lol

exo memes english - Google Search

*random Luhan appears after hearing someone call him feminine * " No!

Drawing tips given by Kriscasso

I love the way Luhan is laughing at him the entire time. XD Exo , Kris explaining his drawing technique .

OMG i waited soo long for this to be posted!!!!!!!!! i almost died laughing to this scene!!XD

OMG i waited soo long for this to be posted! i almost died laughing to this scene!

layhan just can’t stop xD #lay #luhan #exo

reason: it's so said bcoz there will no longer be happy times like this with lay ;

Best TaoHun ever! Lol (though im still a huge Taoris and Hunhan fan I love this pic)


Best TaoHun ever! Even though I also ship TaoRis hehe

ᴛᴀᴏ ; sᴏ sᴀssʏ ♡

EXO Luhan and Tao just being themselves.KIDS :D Tao makes me die oh god 😂😂😂😂