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Ammonites went extinct with Dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Ammonites survived until the end of the Cretaceous period in a sea that covered what is now Alberta. Canada and Montana, USA. These ammonites were transformed into the rare gem known as Ammolite.

Close-up of the World's largest yellow pear shaped diamond, 110cts

Cora Sun-Drop, claimed to be the world’s largest known vivid yellow pear-shape diamond. Mined in Africa. The diamond gained its color from the minimal amount of nitrogen in its carbon structure, making it extremely rare in nature.

Pink, bladed, stellate spray of strengite crystals on matrix. Location:	Indian Mountain, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA. Copyright: © Lou Perloff / Photo Atlas of Minerals

Strengite Indian Mountain, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA © Lou Perloff / Photo Atlas of Minerals

Ethiopian opal

Ethiopian opal is still a new gemstone. Ethiopian opal is quite unique and different from more common Australian and Mexican opal. Not many people know about this opal yet. I am a gem cutter and have worked.

Pyrite a.k.a. Fools Gold crystals cluster flower / China

Pyrite Fools Gold Crystals Cluster Flower by FenderMinerals ~ Rocks ~ Minerals

cristal água

Tanzanite Tanzanite aids visualization in meditations. Tanzanite also reduces stress, helping you to slow down.

Flawless 10.48 carat deep blue diamond

Magnificent and exceptionally rare fancy deep blue diamond. The fancy deep blue briolette diamond weighing carats.

This absolutely fantastic gemstone is Brookite and is wonderful for use in meditation. It attracts and retains energy that make it great for chakra reflection and is so full of life. #raw #color #red

Brookite - titanium dioxide, Size x x cm. From Kharan, Balochistan (Baluchistan), Pakistan. / Mineral Friends I'm loving this colour!

Rainbow opal

Pretty Pink Rhodochrosite Raw Crystal Gemstone Broad Ribbon Rainbow Opal _ A 17 carat rough broad ribbon pattern, precious .

beautiful-minerals:   gemmy ametrine shard

Gemmy Ametrine Raw Crystal Gemstone (by milminedesign) -- that golden swath of color in the middle looks like heavenly rays of light