cries Han river "The main reason to love Kim Taehyung ✌" right into my heart

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Jungkook start it really sexy but namjoonie kills sexiness ahhh sorry kookie oppa

I love you babe. We went through the same situation and had the same feeling at the same time. I know how hard it is but you kept it inside, still smiled on stage and worked hard during Blood sweat and tears era, you didn't let your fans know about your hard time, you're so strong, you're my idol

Oh dear. I am so sad for you Taehyung. Be strong baby she'll always be in in yours and all of army's heart and watching you from above ❤

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Bangtan Maknae Line

BTS Maknae Line (wow they're even dressed in the HYYH album colors)

#wattpad #alatoire C'est un livre où je mettrais des memes sur BTS qui m'ont fait rire... Enjoy ♡

⚊ ʙᴛs ᴍᴇᴍᴇs - [MEME N°44]

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I think Suga knows what kind of trouble you have to go through in life. And somewhere he is glad that V is living his life. ☺️ He understands V.

Find a man who can do both. Then find another. Now ship them together. STAN VKOOK or TAEKOOK. Can we decide on one name to call this ship yet ahaha! It's been going on for centuries I swear I need an official statement on which name to use lol ❤

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Yes, go spend a thousand won on a bunch of Olaf stuffed toys like a grown up…

Well I would vote him too

with Jimin loved himself as much as much as us fans do. Fair play to the kid. He should feel more confident with himself after hearing that.

I will go to this restaurant one day

I really want to go to Jimin's parents restaurant now!

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The fact that this boy knows the soap can make a hot tub more bubbly makes my heart hurt. One this boy either knows a lot about hot tubs or too much about laundry soap. But anyways my hot tub producing heart is crying.