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Buy Colorful Squares Brochure by AbraDesign on GraphicRiver. COLORFUL SQUARES BROCHURE This brochure is an ideal way to showcase your business in an original way.

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aminulv : I will design professional corporate business brochure for $10 on www

Love the use of text as visual anchor points // print (book, magazine, newspaper, brochure) + typography + editorial + layout + design

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aminulv : I will design book, ebook interior or layout for $10 on www

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A cool business brochure. The layout focuses on a repetition of circles that flow throughout the design with ease. A very nice clean cut design.

Anewie Studio

Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration

297*210 / 34p  - 온라인용 포트폴리오입니다. 사회에 첫발을 내딛기 위한  정말로, 가장 처음으로 만든 포트폴리오라  할 수 있을 것 같습니다.  영원할 것 같던 대학시절이 끝나고 있습니다. 만감이 교차하는 마음으로 (사실너무나급하게) 준비했던 포폴입니다.  규모가 큰 회사보다, 어마어마한 복지를 자랑하는 곳 보다, 제 자신의 능력을 가장 잘 펼칠 수 있는 곳에서 성장하고싶은 마음입니다. 아직 뭘 몰라서 이런 생각들에 사로잡혀 있을 수도 있겠지만 사회의 시작점에 서 있는 지금이 아니면 가질 수 없는 마음들이 아닐까 합니다.  - 뭐든 척척 잘 하기보다 잘 해낼 수 있는 가능성을 가진 좋은 디자이너가 되고싶습니다.  제 모자란 작업들을 좋게 봐 주시고계신  많은 분들께 무한한 감사를 드립니당 :)  - 곧 '상상력에 엔진을 달아라' 저자이신 임헌우교수님의 신간이 나올 것 같습니다. 으아아아ㅏ 드디어!

Fiverr freelancer will provide Book Covers & Packaging services and Design a professional book layout including Print-Ready within 1 day

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Graphic design, illustration and packaging by E-X-P-L-O-R-E on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Series illustrates how important it is to explore the world, whilst you have the opportunity too. Life moves extremely fast, enjoy it!

The Sunday Telegraph, Sundat Style with Jamie Oliver

Stunning Magazine Covers

The Sunday Telegraph magazine – Showing how an image can break out of it's confines to interact with the masthead, as well as extremely creative use of typography relevant to the subject matter.

Image two of the series in cyan blue.

US: PHOTOGRAPHY: LETA SOBIERAJSKI Artist statement: “I created seven images for [Aark Collective], all inspired by the monotonous—yet beautiful—day-to-day habits we take for granted. Each image is a monochromatic, standalone setting that conveys a.

Leon #3

Contents: Yakushima: Slow and undying Till death do us part Kukkula Breaking the mould Christian Puglisi Shore Leave Meeting the need for meat Fr

gurafiku: Japanese Magazine Cover: Shibuya Hikarie Magazine. Yuni Yoshida. 2013

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.