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Osprey에 대한 이미지 결과

Osprey, or Sea hawk, or Fish eagle, or Fish hawk (Pandion haliaetus)

Louisiana Water Thrush

Louisiana Water Thrush (Middle Run Birding Trail)

car sez: fish and chips delivery guy

Fish can fly too. Photo by unknown author This is an Osprey (Fish Eagle)

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De grote kruisbek (Loxia pytyopsittacus) is een zangvogel uit de familie van vinkachtigen (Fringillidae).

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Результаты поиска изображений по запросу "osprey"

Результаты поиска изображений по запросу "osprey"

Turkey Vulture - thankfully a rare site out back, but they have been seen out in the back trees after what I have to assume is a dead animal bringing them in. One thing comes to my mind when I see these birds sitting and hissing (they actually make a hissing sound), and that one thing is "Angel of Death".

Do you ever have that feeling something might be watching you? It might be one of these guys. Or perhaps a whole bunch of these guys.

Osprey에 대한 이미지 결과

Osprey에 대한 이미지 결과

turkey vulture pictures | here shows a Turkey Vulture (left) perched next to a Black Vulture ...

Which buzzard most frequents the county? Tennessee is home to both the red-headed turkey vulture and the black vulture. Turkey Vultures have a keener sense of smell than black vultures, which have shorter wings and shorter tails as seen in flight.

Long-tailed-Manakin(Chiroxiphia linearis) photographed byfishercl at Mal Pais Costa Rica. Found from Southern Mexico to Costa Rica.



Black Vulture, not to be mistaken for the Turkey Vulture which is larger, has a red head and a much better sense of smell. Often the Black Vulture will rely on the Turkey Vulture to find food.

Black vulture: more aggressive than Turkey vultures. Came up on one when running, it never moved as I walked four feet from it. It wanted that dead possum bad!