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Part of why BTS is so amazing. And let's not forget how when jungkook was feeling awkward and wanted to go with them but they started nagging him and saying that he had to make friends. They are still nagging him to make friends.

Kook & Hobie <3 Son un amooor

It's beautiful! Because, of course, he is the golden maknae<<<< he's like a little onion plant. or radish.

He's just used to their shit

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA Min Yoongi : "I dont give a shit ,i dont give a fuck " this must be his motto of living. literally we are the same yoongiiiii XD

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Why am I not surprised

Suga wanted to know if the camera was waterproof Jhope said that it was and Suga then throw it in the pool to test it