LIGHTING Orchard is symbolised by those white balls? Obvs can't do the glass (Klaus Grünberg, set and light design for AIDA, Opernhaus Zürich,

The lighting represents freedom of soul. Elevation above the bonds of society, simple and direct side distribution.

Something of the imaginary, for a contrast to reality - lifted motorway/ cars/ characters/ telephone poles etc. Scenic Design for Oedipus Rex

Useful space: designs by Es Devlin include Act 3 of 'Faust' at the Semperoper in Dresden

Es Devlin: 'Get set, go!'

Stage design with large metal frames, trees and atmospheric lighting; designs by Es Devlin include Act 3 of 'Faust' at the Semperoper in Dresden

Everything Scenic : Photo

As You Like It - William Shakespeare Photo: Chris Harris Willamette University Theatre - October 1987 Director: Nick Leland Scene Designer: Chris Harris Costume Designer: Nikki Merrill Actors: Nicole Dell, Jerry .

Resultado de imagen de ATMOSFERA TEATRAL

I like the harsh contrast between the warm inside to the cool misty outside- Nichole (Swamp Club - Philippe Quesne / Vivarium Studio.

065133a12fbec9b849dfea731c2e2ca8.jpg (732×539)

I thought this stage had really cool dimensions, however I think it would be hard to work on if the piece was not centered around the fact that the floor was at an angle. I reminded me of the PO set a little bit