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kimheenim’s photo: 김태욱의 마음에는 그대가 살고 있나봐 #김태욱

He who stole my heart from 2 years ago. My love, my heart, my king, Kim Heechul.

Kim Heechul ♡ MY HEENIMMM~ ; u ; <3

"I'll yell it from the mountain top till the whole world knows.your my girl.

Heechul - IG

My ultimate bias in the kpop world. A million other man cannot be compared to this oppa.

Which Heechul Do You Prefer. Dumb question...there is only one Heechul !!

Which Heechul Do You Prefer.there is only one Heechul !

Heechul 희철 from Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 '15

Oh my pretty Heechul oppa, I love you, like I've never loved anyone else before you.

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Shit he's so pretty!

Kim Heechul

Let's have fun and ogling at monochrome kpop mostly Super Junior together.