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"Farman" of the French Air Force, 1917

1914 - War Air Ground staff manoeuvre a bomb into position in a Farman aircraft of the French Air Force on the Western Front. 11 November v

WWI Photo of Pilot Hermann Göring Jasta 26 Albatros D III #D.2049-16

derrotekampfflieger: “ WWI Photo of Pilot Hermann Goering Jasta 26 Albatros D III ”

Cauldron ww1

A French warplane, Caudron The First World War was the first time air warfare played a role in combat. 10 Rare Color Photographs From World War I

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The Nieuport 24 was a French biplane fighter aircraft during World War I designed by Gustave Delage as a replacement for the successful Nieuport 17 .

A German pilot leans confidently against the wing of his Albatross D. III holding the leash of his dog, ca. 1917 or 1918. Colorized by Richard Downs (Warbird Information Exchange).

A confident Lt. Heinrich Gontermann poses with his Albatros scout and ground crew, 1916 .

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Sopwith Triplane #aviationpilot

SOPWITH Triplane British Royal Flying Corp (Single Seat Fighter) Had a Max Speed of 117 mph at with an Endurance of 2 Hours 45 Minutes and a Ceilling of Armament: 1 x Fixed cal Vickers Machine Gun

Eddie Rickenbacker in his SPAD S.XIII

World War I Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Distinguished Service Cross Recipient, Fighter Ace, Aviator, Race.