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Herb² is a flexible partition wall and indoor herb garden created by Fabrikaat. The design project is a response to the scarcity of garden space in the interior spaces and allows users to have separate living spaces and also grow plants year around.

Wonderful Balcony Design Ideas PAS  BEAUCOUP DE PLACE POUR LES POTS, adopter le système étagères..

Vertical garden for small spaces - love this for small balcony. If only I could trust myself to keep the plants alive.

Wall mounted modular storage system. Kern Design.

Big cubby

Kerf Wall is a new ajustable wall mounted storage system, it's like they combined a traditional wooden peg board with the metal hook version I see in cheap department stores. This is a great idea! For a garage or a studio or even a creative store .


These are green walls that has living plants on its surface. It will adds some natural elements to your interior or exterior with green and refreshing plants,

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Vibrant Geometric Book Shelves

Hexagon wall tiles made of woodwool cement, designed by Fom Us With Love

We have a ton Of wall space, high ceilings and lake view windows in our Music Room. These are going to be perfect for sound control! -Hexagon wall tiles from Form Us With Love.

This vertical garden wall creates a most dramatic mood in the sexy black slate bottom pool.  @_vthome_

This vertical garden wall creates a most dramatic mood in the sexy black slate bottom pool.

Air plant wall.

Evernote Offices: "They covered one lobby wall with water-conserving plants that are low maintenance and create a focal point without cluttering the space design office interior design house design design and decoration

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Composition, Structure, I chose this photo for structure because it shows a very solid shape in structure. This photo exemplifies contrast, and black and white.

Walls, ceilings, and floors are all made of same material. The lighting is mostly taken care of by a skylight, additional lighting being very simple. One "living wall" makes a ridiculously interesting focal point!

Top 15 Wall Gardens from Around the World

Inspiration for Pool House Shower Tori Tori Restaurant Vertical Garden, Polanco, Mexico City by Rojkind Arquitectos + ESRAWE Studio