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Rinko Kawauchi rinko 002 794x800

Rinko Kawauchi

rinko kawauchi the artist rinko kawauchi captures the beauty of ordinary moments which we often ignore. she speakes quietly of the profundity of quotidian things. kawauchi has become one of the most celebrated japanese photographers of her generation.

Rinko Kawauchi | Escape Into Life

Rinko Kawauchi - In her still and subdued works, Rinko Kawauchi one of the most celebrated Japanese photographers of her generation – tries to capture the brief .

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Resultado de imagen de rinko kawauchi

rinko kawauchi - i like the colours in this image. its very cool toned, but doesnt feel cold. she also has made a spoon seem interesting which is what made me attracted to this image

Artists | Rinko Kawauchi | Works | MSSNDCLRCQ - Meessen De Clercq - Contemporary Art Gallery in Brussels

This documentation of ordinary life reveals the beauty and the profound moments that often pass us by. There is an acute attention to detail and the beautifully clear photographs expose the elaborate textures in even the simplest glimpse of normality.