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7 Captivating Motion Graphics Designs

30 infografías sobre experiencia de usuarioUsabilidad y UX en Colombia | Usabilidad y UX en Colombia

Whitepaper IT provides best UI/UX design services globally for Software Product Application user interface design and user experience design, Web Communication Strategy & Mobile application.

Kinetic Calendar • Digital Society Laboratory on Behance

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Animating an illustration by @Charlie Waite - It's nice being able to have some awesome assets to work with!   Go @Focus Lab

Active Pipe Card Animation

Funny Personas by Lucija Frljak

Funny Personas

If they had user testing in middle ages how would their personas have looked like? :D For larger view check the attachment.

Pull down to refresh_Freebie - Weather Concept

#1 Pull to refresh_Freebie - Weather Concept

Dribbble - Pull down to refresh_Freebie - Weather Concept by Yup Nguyen

Cool Icon Animations – Inspiration Supply – Medium

Cool Icon Animations

- Poster

Examples of ui icons, this is great to get an idea of how to stucture icons to maintain a consistent theme in the process of UI design