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Essay 004: Atmospheres for The Photographic Journal

Atmospheres by Luca Orsi

“Atmospheres” series by Luca Orsi

I Need A Guide – Page 5 – Art & Contemporary Imagery

There are a thousand vacant hotel room hearts waiting for you, with your dark eyes and hissing tongue.

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My novel "Hometown News" is set in a small industrial city where a scene like this would be common.

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Los Angeles Neon Lights 10

Los Angeles Neon Lights

Photographer Vicky Moon has roamed Los Angeles streets by night in order to capture signs lights. In a deep midnight blue atmosphere, electric pink and blue sig

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

As the Annual Gala draws near, the designers of CABARET are working on creating a world like you've never seen before. Check out these inspiration photos from Brian Clowdus!

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