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Large Norcross Vintage Die Cut Thanksgiving Greeting Card Turkey 661

Large Norcross Vintage Die Cut Thanksgiving Greeting Card Turkey 661

Autumn sensory box # I am adding a picture of turkey in sensory box which will activate the sense of sight . Turkey is symbol of thanksgiving, first holiday celebrated in autumn. It can allow older adults to talk with each other about old memories.

happy thanksgiving

Bountiful Farm and Turkey Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard Love! Girl in Costume Vintage Halloween Postcard Halloween Party Invitation - so cut.

The Traditional Thanksgiving Hymn...we sang it on the drive from Missouri to Iowa to visit Grandma at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Traditional Thanksgiving Hymn.we sing while we go to Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Thanksgiving travels and fun

Thanksgiving travels and fun

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and share a few old Thanksgiving postcards with you today. I hope you are enjoying the holiday!

Best Wishes for a most Happy Thanksgiving

Basket of apples Thanksgiving vintage postcard Painting Valentine , valentine This vintage Thanksgiving day card goes out to all th.


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beautiful old fashion fall/thanksgiving picture

Vintage Valentine Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard all kinds of vintage Christmas/birthday ephemera Vintage Style Bridal Shower Party Invitatio.