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Minimal yet magnificent. Superb photography combined with comfortable pastel colors creates a relaxed and impactful design.


Marketing THROUGH Sports Product: Nike Products People: Europeans Place: Magazine Ads Price: Price of any given Nike Soccer product

Seven Summits Posters Designed by Riccardo Vicentelli | In order of height: Puncak Jaya for Oceania, Vinson for Antarctica, Elbrus for Europe, Kilimanjaro for Africa, McKinley for North America, Aconcagua for South America and finally Everest for Asia.:

I like how the type is laid out over the different mountains. The type is clean which contrasts with the rough mountains. [Seven Summits Posters Designed by Riccardo Vicentelli

Art Direction & Advertising: Everything is okay Until it's not.

"Everything is okay, until it's not"Advertising Print proposal for Reliance.This work was done only by using photoshop.Art direction and Post production - Rui Gonçalves

Campaigns on Photography Served

Sleep by Erik Almas. 4 Creative Photoshop Artists Who Cleverly Manipulate Landscapes [PHOTOS]

RICARDO SALAMANCA | 02 by Dana Radic, via Behance

Check out 50 amazing and inspiring Photoshop works from top designers across the world.

McGladrey | Luquire George Andrews | Rollercoaster | WE LOVE AD

Print advertisment created by Luquire George Andrews, United States for McGladrey, within the category: Professional Services.

Positive Space is when the shapes of objects refers to anything that is considered the main focus of the page. Here the headphones are the main point of attention, which is the Target logo. Although the logo repeated pattern is in the background negative space, it leads to our eyes to the center and main focused head phones.

HEADPHONES peters/Target-Branding We created a brand campaign that actively deconstructs this iconic graphic identity. Instead of a static symbol, it becomes a rhythmic pattern, and a playful player in the choreography of life.