chiba yudai

chiba yudai- Reference for drawing the face shrouded by the hand in that position

Sato Takeru

Locke Kim Li as Takeru Sato (haha this looks like that old art I did of him Schu posted in the coven folder!

№112 #千葉雄大#monochromeyudai#112yc

№112 #千葉雄大#monochromeyudai#112yc

Hayato Matsuzaka is a non-powered human. His wife is Aoyun Endesaen, his child is Dione Matsuzaka, his grandchild is Haneul Black, his great grandchild is Misaki Black, and his great-great grandchildren are Takeshi and Kiyoko Kim.

Hayato Park (portrayed by Sota Fukushi) is one of Cass' friends. He is and is a Caste 2 private school student/athlete.

{open: kito} "I think I lost my glasses.." I accidentally say out loud. ((they're actually on his head..he just doesn't know it..)) I start to look around for them when you walk up

Her name is Park Nari but people know her as AndreaVlogs, a famous yo… Fanfiction