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Its annoying how the only use American word instead of standard english and talk about American schooling

Infinite : Weekly Idol 140625

sungyeol being bruttaly honest xD poor sunggyu

#Sunggyu #INFINITE #funny #live

☆The Darkest Nights Produces The Brightest Stars ☆

First reaction: LMAO | Second reaction: what the fuck chanyeol

I love how he starts laughing but then he is like: you are not serious are u?

BEAST... B2st oooooh Yoseob.... lol

Make Up timeeee!!!!

I think this is Infinite but I am not sure.oh well I thought it was hilarious

SHINee's manager,everyone XD | allkpop Meme Center This is the best thing ever!

SHINee ask their manager to take a heart picture for A-Pink Naeun but it end up with a cutie selfie from their manager LoL

Difference between Sunggyu and Dongwoo after exercising xD

Difference between Sungkyu and Dongwoo after exercising xD - INFINITE

I also do that with my hair...so... | allkpop Meme Center

kekeke ok guy you better not hate on LULU's hair since his hair is forever beautiful and he will always look so manly~