Wes Anderson Color Palettes - Wes Anderson Set Design - House Beautiful - he used scalamadre zebras in this one too!

How Wes Anderson Can Help You Decorate

Every room in my house will be Wes Anderson themed. Color Inspiration, Wes Anderson Style — Wes Anderson Palettes A little Royal Tenenbaum bath scene turned color palette inspiration.

Cafe in Milan designed by Wes Anderson | Grand Budapest Hotel / Royal Tennenbaums

Wes Anderson Designed A Cafe, And It's Exactly What You'd Expect


Another Wes Anderson example- he uses striking color palettes to focus your attention and to create a unified mood across his movies that's retro, dream-like, and immersive.

How to Decorate Like Wes Anderson via @MyDomaine

How to Decorate Like Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson Movie Palette The Life Aquatic makes a strong case for the undeniable appeal of mustard yellow, bright orange, and dusty neutrals. Get the bright look with bold-colored furnishings and a statement-making.

Wes Anderson has ventured into interior design, with a bar intended to recreate the atmosphere of Milanese cafes inside the OMA-designed Fondazione Prada in Milan.

Wes Anderson's Bar Luce is inside Fondazione Prada

Wes Anderson-designed Bar Luce takes its cues from old Milanese landmarks and cafes - Retailand Restaurant Design