Creating a Vector Portrait with Curly Hair in Adobe Illustrator - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorial

What You'll Be CreatingThis tutorial was originally published in November 2012 as a Tuts+ Premium tutorial.

The A to Z of Adobe Illustrator+(via+<a+href="">

The A to Z of Adobe Illustrator by Mary Winkler, The Adobe Illustrator toolbar is jam-packed with useful tools you may have used a million times or that may be entirely unfamiliar to you.

Sweet Illustrator Graphic Styles V2 (AI Illustrator, CMYK, CS6, 3d, candy, cartoon, confectionary, fun, illustrator, illustrator graphic styles, label, logo, lollies, styles, sugar, sweets, text style, title, type treatment, typography, vector)

Sweet Illustrator Graphic Styles V2

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Illustrator Tutorials: 23 New Tutorials to Improve Your Illustration Skills

Improve your design & illustration skills with these new adobe illustrator tutorials. These tutorials will teach you how to create digital illustrations,

adobe illustrator portrait tutorials

26 Best Adobe Illustrator Portrait Tutorials

Illustrator is the best design,modify and editing vector graphics program which is powered by Adobe and over the years Adobe Illustrator has become the standart

How to Create a Surreal Poster Design in Adobe Illustrator

How to Create a Surreal Poster Design in Adobe Illustrator

Follow this tutorial and learn how to draw a strawberry dropped into a chocolate milk using Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is composed of three main parts: creating the chocolate ripples, the chocolate splash and the strawberry. You will start with the basic shapes and with the few techniques involving the Offset Path, Pathfinder and Transform effects, you can …

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