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F-35 Lightning II vs F-22 Raptor | 35 Thunderbird (Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II) wallpaper

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Something you will never see... F-117s in Thunderbird Motif

in Thunderbird Motif.obviously Photoshopped, but cool anyway. But I don't think the would make a very good airshow plane. Not built for maneuverability and not noisy enough.

Ace Combat 3 Playstion

Sukhoi PAK FA - Next Generation lightweight fighter, aircraf quinta generación desarrollado por Sukhoi.


us air force a lightning ii thunderbirds with pilot model max tga 5

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Navy's McDonnell Douglas Phantom II of the "Fighting Falcons" Squadron from the USS Constellation (CVA doing a dogfight with a MiG.

Watch USAF F-35 Stealth Fighter Test Fire Awesome GAU-22/A 25 mm Gatling Gun Capable Of Firing 3,000 Bullets Per Minute [Video]

Watch USAF Stealth Fighter Test Fire Awesome 25 mm Gatling Gun Capable Of Firing Bullets Per Minute [Video]


The Northrop Black Widow, named for the American spider, was the first operational U. warplane designed as a night fighter, and the first aircraft designed to use radar