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Canne Art Populaire monoxyle à triple spirales ajourées - circa 1840

Canne Art Populaire monoxyle à triple spirales ajourées - circa 1840 [This through-cut barley twist is good but I think it might result in a weak cane; in other applications it might be more appropriate]

Are You Handicapped or Know Someone that is? Get the ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun!   Many people get injured intentionally by others and most of the time its by lowlifes that pick the most vulnerable; the handicapped or helpless senior citizens.  Blog: http://womenonguard.blogspot.com/2016/12/are-you-handicapped-or-know-someone.html Store: http://www.womenonguard.com/zap-walking-cane-stun-gun  walking cane,stun gun,one million volts,self defense,senior citizens,handicapped,

Just Because Someone Is Handicapped or Elderly, Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Defend Themselves! The 1 Million Volt ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun With Flashlight has electrodes that will take down an attacker of up to 250 pounds and includes incredible features!

Un véhicule personnel pliable et facile à transporter

Un véhicule personnel pliable et facile à transporter

Personal Electric Vehicle collapses into a trolley for easy transportation - Designbuzz

Je veux la valise trottinette - Le Baby Blog - Doctissimo

Kid’s Scooter Pack - Michael Markiewicz’ scooter was désigned for kids who…

12 Concept Personal Mobility Scooters.  >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of spinal cord injury videos at SPINALpedia.com

These 12 personal mobility scooters are to aging Baby Boomers what souped-up Harleys were to Easy Rider’s Wyatt & Billy, just less quick and more quiet.

Cielo WiGle Smart Home Automation System - Cielo WiGle has this week launched a new smart home automation system that it has created to help users control certain appliances, devices and lights around their home directly from their smartphone using the co

Cielo WiGle Inc (deleted) is raising funds for Make any Air Conditioner, TV or Light - Smart on Kickstarter! Cielo WiGle: Our Devices turn any Air Conditioner, Television or Light Smart - One Smartphone App for ALL our Devices.