I love Sunday mornings when I sip coffee in bed and wake up slow before rushing…


A mini table conveniently set between the sofa and the bed can function as both a nightstand and a side table for the living room

Making the most out of a dorm room ... while on a budget! It IS possible!

Dorm room decor is trending in a big way. We've found some seriously inspiring spaces, from the patterned and colorful to the minimal but chic. Check out some of our favorite dorm rooms of the year! For more small space decor tips, go to Domino.

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8 Ways to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

Behind the shutters there is a bed above and storage below - all built into a sunny nook. Great for a one-room apartment. You don't need a ceiling high enough for a loft.

This would be a very cool bed for kids who have to share their room with a brother or sister. Build 2 and the shutters give them space from each other. or just have as a little nook space, nice and cozy to read your fav books and chill out