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태태시 @BTS_twt http://t.co/7wkgt6PZ4O

태태시 @BTS_twt http://t.co/7wkgt6PZ4O

this is the killing part   I approve of this kid wow...     Original post here   Response +1330 -152

this is the killing part I approve of this kid wow. Original post here Response 1330

BTS go on a holiday to a tropical island. VKook... so yeah Jungkook… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

VKook ✧ Tropical romance


171008 Hongdae fansign - Also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene,

Heeeey ici vous parle une petite (grosse) perverse je décide de comme… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

BTS réactions /Imagines❤️

BTS Reactions/Imagines/Short Stories/ Scenarios/ Reactions and what … Fanfiction

I love how even when they're trying to look ugly/dumb Jimin and Jungkookie just can't look anything but incredibly cute

Here is a random Bangtan derp face collection for you because why not! Also, I don't think jimin knows how to be derp.