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A heavily embellished helmet with embossing and tinning worn by an provocator gladiator. The provocators wore helmets that were directly based in the helmets worn by the Legionaries, just with added face protections and removed cheekpieces.


Roman Gladiator Metal Helmet MF Doom Mask Medieval Armor Steel Spikes & Stand

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Muscle cuirass translated from bronze to leather. Again a modern version based on Roman styles, but quite realistic. certainly a leather version would been possible in Century Britain.

Interlocking torso armor of hand-hammered metal and navy suede from Ben-Hur. (MGM, 1959)

Interlocking torso armor of hand-hammered metal and navy suede from Ben-Hur

Armamento de un Legionario Romano, Casco

Armor Venue Praetorian Guard Roman Helmet - Deepeeka - One Size - Brass Armour >>> Find out more about the great product at the image link.

Erotic Roman coins believed to have been used as tokens for entrance in Roman brothels. According to Suetonius, carrying a ring or a coin bearing the emperor's image into a latrine or brothel could be the basis for an accusation of treason (maiestas) under Tiberius. Under Caracalla, an equestrian was sentenced to death for bringing a coin with the emperor's likeness into a brothel; he was spared only by the emperor's own death.

Roman coins of this time period were used as token for entrance in Roman brothels. The coin @ the bottom of the page (Roman - is that the best coin-?- At any rate these things are -true look it up yourself !

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This helmet is made after several originals of a pretorian helmet. The imperial guard was founded in 27 BC by Emperor August. The guard could serve the emper