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The King's Doctor (Hangul: 마의; hanja: 馬醫; RR: Ma-ui; lit. Horse Doctor) is a 2012 South Korean television series depicting Baek Gwang-hyeon (1625–1697), Joseon Dynasty veterinarian, starring Jo Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won. It aired onMBC.The life of a Joseon-era low-class veterinarian specializing in the treatment of horses, who rises to become the royal physician in charge of the King's health.

I want a hanbok like the queen's The King's Doctor (Hangul: 마의;

드라마 '해를 품은 달' 속 한복

Korean drama [Moon Embracing the Sun] = 윤보경왕후[Queen young Bo-kyung]김민서 [Kim…

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