Alan Lee's Lord of the Rings Artwork / The Fellowship at the entrance to Moria

The Gates of Moria - Alan Lee

Thorin’s Burial ~ Watercolor by Alan Lee

Dive into The Art of Alan Lee, a English book illustrator and movie conceptual designer. Alan Lee was with John Howe the lead concept artists of Peter Jack

Alan Lee - Dimrill Stair and Mirrormere beyond

The Lord of the Rings - Alan Lee Art - Nimrodel


The Lord of the Rings - Alan Lee Art - Denethor, Steward of Minas Tirith

Family History. Frodo finds the trolls Bilbo turned to stone in The Hobbit. - Alan Lee

The Stone Trolls - Alan Lee. His Tolkien illustrations are my absolute favourites!

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Slot canyons, Australia (Isn't this Argonath from Lord of the Rings? Slot Canyons look different.

Alan Lee's Lord of the Rings Artwork / Mûmakil

Alan Lee: Lord of the Rings, "Sam sees the Oliphant"

(Homecoming hallway idea) giant spider cutout on ceiling with rocks made out of btcher paper coming from ceiling for a cave effect and halloween spiderwebs strung across the lockers.

Shelobs Lair - Art by Alan Lee

alan lee illustration - Pesquisa Google

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields - Alan Lee

Alan Lee's Lord of the Rings Artwork / from the books, as Frodo and Sam leave the Shire, they meet the Elves going to the Grey Havens.

My favourite Tolkien art ever. Frodo meets Gildor at Woody End, by Alan Lee.

The Hill at Bag End -- Alan Lee. --- so I'm posting this with a bit of a story; turns out that New Year's Eve night, though I arrived late to the party I caught up quickly! I'm a fun and flirty drunk, but apparently for any guy who bothered to try and get to know me I posed one simple request: Name of character from the Hobbit? (Zero memory of this what so ever) apparently the few who tried all failed miserably. Which is fine  by me, I don't recall fancying any of them enough to be…

The Art of Alan Lee and John Howe : Photo


The Misty Mountains - Alan Lee. The Fury of Caradhras by Alan Lee

Edoras by Alan Lee

Edoras, Alan Lee The city of Edoras was built on a hill in a valley of the White…

Alan Lee The Geeky Nerfherder: Movie Poster Art: The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Rings (2001)

Alan Lee -Fellowship Of The Rings

Alan Lee

Tolkien Photo: Alan Lee`s illustration

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