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The cutest

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler . He won't look away from his phone! all you people with phones don't take it for granted! i'm the Vanessa in this picture.

I wasn't going to pin this but I ended up laughing so hard that I felt the need to share.

Nevermind, my mom says no…

i started laughing so hard that I started crying and my dad asked what was so funny and I couldn't even talk because I was laughing so hard and had to just hand him my computer so he could read it for himself. what the heck is wrong with me today.

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When I am alone I talk to myself. When I am alone I pretend to be a carrot. I feel depressed. I am depressed. Jimmy Fallon: Are people actually googling this?

leo stop being such an awesome guy.

Sweet Sweet Poor Leo

When I'm a famous actress and I get into the Oscar committee I will always vote for him no matter what. And this years Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio for that movie he was in that year where he was awesome.

DC and Marvel XD

If a cat and a dog got married, this is what they would look like -- April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer

There are two kinds of people in this world.

The two types of pool design appreciators. As a person that works at a pool store, I recommend switching to Pristine Blue 😎

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… << remember in Shrek when Snow was attacking people with animals? << are you saying what I think you're saying << yes<< omg this is the best!

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… <-- We need a modern Disney princess who is a little girl. And a Disney PRINCE for once.

OMG that is hilarious and mortifying and wonderful all at the same time

Anne Hathaway is just like us…

Anne Hathaway is just like us // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - ignore the language, but this is hilarious!