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And when NOT to use them. #korea #koreanhonorifics

I learned them all in Korea….plus me & my sis have 2 of them tattooed on our wrist! But it is a k drama junkie must!

Kdrama confessions It's sad how true this is, especially since kdramas usually are hour long episodes.

I heard a song Without mv or  anything and i listened to it until i quessed the idol right

When a kpop song is stuck in your head but you don't know the lyrics cx Super Junior-Sorry Sorry ❤

True story.

Yeahp, totally me. I've been kpop brain washed . ❤️ lee min ho though .

you're all surrounded

K-drama meme, humour and parody to brighten your day. We troll the drama coz we love it.

K-drama glossary, now if this could happen in real life, I would be happy every single moment of it. And probably cry every second of it as well.

Picking beans out of rice - unspoken code for "we must be related". Bahaha this is all so true

especially when I am at work...

Makeup, Fashion, Music and Life = Me: Kpop Friday: Kpop Fans Can Relate // I also blame Japan for that, but hey, I'm polite.

Lol this is weirdly true! Choi Si Won, Choi Daniel and Choi Jin Hyuk are sexy cases in point!lol

Lol this is weirdly true! Choi Si Won, Choi Daniel, Choi Jin Hyuk and Choi Seunghun are sexy af!