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#Suga #yoongi #bts Cr. On pic

gimpo-coex fansign by flame suga。 thank you! ◇ please do not edit, and take out with credit。 ”

Rapper Kim Taehyung

basically the moral of the story is to rap your favourite verse over and over again till u get to switch bodies with said rapper

A girl needs to find that man XD

Find a man who can do both. Then find another. Now ship them together. STAN VKOOK or TAEKOOK. Can we decide on one name to call this ship yet ahaha! It's been going on for centuries I swear I need an official statement on which name to use lol ❤

BTS group/family photo

Jin 💘 Jimin ❤ Jungkook 💙 Rap Monster 💜 V 🔥 J-Hope 💟 aaaaand Suga 💚