Shop funny quote phrase saying patches this I'm Not Insulting You I'm Describing You Patch is Small and Rectangular. Our quote patches you sew on leather vests for bikers or iron on denim clothes.

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Bored = the state of having had portions of your soul ripped out and consumed, leaving behind black holes. Male violence is the worst problem in the world.

Lol! Just sayin'...

Lol! Just sayin'...

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War of the Rare Jewels (A short story about Rhoyne, Wattana, and Aubira, who are all three often likened to gods in their unique intelligence and beauty, which inspires those around them to throw themselves to the wolves for their amusement and attention)

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your voice, the sound of them shouting over the roar of the walkers, your sight as it begins to fade, everything fades until all you can make out is blurred figures and screaming.