UI 扁平设计风 FLAT UI DESIGN(一) upload by zcsstudio - 海外佳作欣赏 - 站酷网(ZCOOL)

Now available on Windows Phone, is become the most popular mobile camera app in the world.

Rams Player app concept | Designer: Christopher Paul

Rams Player app concept Lexus Creating Amazing Mobile by Sean Hobman, via Behance UI - Explosions In The Sky - Wye Oak

Another unique menu style...looks like mostly the weather apps are into these things

Another unique menu style.looks like mostly the weather apps are into these things ui

UX/iOS idea with video process  by Cuberto (Dealinapp}    We are developing our a new app and you can see some UX ideas which we have already realized.   http://vimeo.com/41495357   http://vimeo.com/41192912

UX/iOS/UI iPhone idea with video process

UX/iOS/UI iPhone idea with video process - giving more dimension to 'flat' design

Inspiração #52 – Mobile Apps | Marcozero

Inspiração #52 – Mobile Apps

https://thoughtleadershipzen.blogspot.com/ #ThoughtLeadership Flat Mobile Analytics Interface | Flat UI Design

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yournaline - Your social life in one place ! by Miroslav Kerhát

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