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Boston boys.. looks like my uncles lol

Aarons, Jules - Lighting up, West End Photo taken by Jules Aarons in Boston in the 1950 Smoke

담아간 이미지 고유 주소

Funny pictures about Sweet Puppet. Oh, and cool pics about Sweet Puppet. Also, Sweet Puppet photos.

핫팬츠 처자들. 1960년대 아프리카에서 복싱하는 어네스트 헤밍웨이. 미군에게 투항하는 일본 병사. 1944년 마셜 제도 다친 개를 치료해주는 미군 병사들. 1944년 괌 오로테 반도 345명을 사살한 오스트리아 저격수 Matthaus Hetzenauer. 1944년 독일군 공습으로 파괴된 런던. 1940년 월드컵이 시작하기 전 스웨덴 거리를 걷고 있는 17세 펠레. 1958년 수술받은 아이의 심리치료를 위한 동물들. 1956년 여배우 Phyliss Gordon과 그녀의 애완 치타. 1939년 알 카포네가 수감되었던 이스턴 주립 교도소의 독방 필라델피아의 센트럴 하이스쿨. 미국에서 가장 오래전에 찍혔을 것으로 추정되는 사진. 1839년 살바도르 달리와 코뿔소. 사진작가는 Philippe Halsman. 1956년 아기 고양이 밥먹이는 미 해병. 1943년 얼어붙은 나이애가라 폭포. 1911년 그레이스 켈리. 1954년 거리의 소년 갱스터들. 1916년 메사추세츠 아우슈비츠를…

Vintage photo-soldier feeding tiny kitten Vintage Kitty - Korea, ca 1953 - Sergeant Frank Praytor adopts Miss Hap, an abandoned kitten. Sergeant Praytor named her Miss Hap "Because she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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From 55 yr old pedophile Leif L Y (who pretends he’s a tweenie girl)

Albert Einstein Riding Bicycle vintage print

Albert Einstein Riding Bicycle vintage print

Arguably the most renowned physicist in history, Albert Einstein was visiting the USA in 1933 when Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany, so as he was Jewish,

1950s fashion - Google Search

Teddy Boys gather outside a Picture House on the Old Kent Road,

묘한 분위기를 가진 남자 모델 Erin Mommsen (에린 몸젠) | 인스티즈

funnymalemodels: fashionloveskarl:Erin Mommsen by Jies Cleodore …*DEAD*…

The Victory Kiss; this famous photo taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt In Times Square after President Truman announced the end of World War II on Nov.14,1945. This Iconic photo captured the spontaneous kiss of an American Sailor and a young woman in white, it became famous when Life magazine put it on the cover of their "Victory" addition the following week.

end of world war II. A sailor was so happy that he grabbed an unknown nurse in Times Square and gave her a kiss. This famous kiss was captured by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life Magazine

The pompadour, made popular by such movie stars as James Dean, was common among teenage boys in the 1950s and was a trademark of the "greaser" fashion

13 of the 1950s' Most Iconic Hairstyles

The pompadour, made popular by such movie stars as James Dean, was common among teenage boys in the and was a trademark of the "greaser" fashion

vintage everyday: Fashion in the 1940s – 42 Old Snapshots Show What '40s Couples Wore

found photo snapshot couple woman man young fence country tree romantic War Era WWII vintage fashion style shirt pants dress sweater jacket hairstyle ~