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Pablo Picasso and his cat in his house in Vallauris, 1954

Pablo Picasso Flavorwire has posted a photo gallery of famous artists posing with their feline friends. Among the top cat fiends in the art world: Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei owns 40 cats, and Andy W.

Christina Ricci

Christina ricci looks like her cat. pets and their owners eh?Celebrities Are Cat People Too pics)

Вивьен с котиком.jpg

Vivien Leigh and her Siamese cat, New Boy. New was one of her favorite cats and would regularly travel with the couple to the theatre as a good luck charm and would stay in their dressing rooms.

Кошки и красавицы. Дуэт красоты и грации...

Celebrities Are Cat People Too pics). It would appear from these photos that celebrities love cats and kittens just as much as the rest of us.

E Gorey

American writer and illustrator Edward Gorey, known for his macabre illustrated books, with cat