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Stylish people of Benin.

Global African Artists Explore The Meaning Of Disguise In The 21st Century

The works in Disguise: Masks and Global African Art are organized around the idea that masquerade is always an art of becoming. Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou has developed his own unique aesthetic,.

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Ouidah, Benin, voodoo ceremony - Egungun spirits How do they walk in that crazy get up?

“ Baba Ichanga wearing traditional gelede mask and holding a baby, evoking the ancestors, his generation and the most recent one. Sanga village, Ketou, Benin © Caption and image David Paul Carr ”

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The Egungun or masquerade tradition of the Yoruba has counterparts among almost all the ethnic groups within Nigeria - and is believed to be the root of the Carnival tradition in the West.


Autor: Huet Michel - Laude Jean - Paudrat Jean-louis Título: The Dance, Art, and Ritual of Africa Editora: Pantheon Books Ano: 1978 .

Ibo Masquerades. Nigeria. 1931

'Okorosie' masquerade, masks called 'Nwanyioma' and 'Akatakpuru' - Isuama Ibo, Isu tribe - Ibo Masquerades - Nigeria - Δ Dr.

Benin - photo - Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou

Sensational masquerade costumes of the Yoruba in West Africa. Portraits by Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou

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Adornos Rituales

masquerading to access the Collective Unconscious (Phyllis Galembo, Abora Traditional Masquerade, Cross River, Nigeria,