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Gently brush a thin layer of paint on a feather and press onto contrasting canvas or card

Cyanotype print directly from the feathers themselves. Even the stripes on the feathers came through.or lay feathers on fabric and spritz bleach over top for opposite affect.

(112) expression sheet for my ongoing project! The heroin need some fixes but here is the first pass! | Heads | Pinterest

expression sheet for my ongoing project! The heroin need some fixes but here is the first pass!<<<awesome (most of my art start off as a cat and end up as a unicorn)

Portrait Step by Step on Watercolor | ARTchat - Porcelain Art Plus (formerly Chatty Teachers & Artists)

Both Tami and Mariela Villasmil-Rodriguez are two top notch portrait painters which have really inspired me to start painting one again. I wanted to do like Mariela does.

.:Sketch by *gabbyd70 on deviantART

"This is soooo good! She titled it "Sketch." How is it just a sketch? :o Ahhhh sooo jealous of her drawing abilities! Her name on deviantart is if you'd like to check out more of her work. It's PHENOMENAL. :o" I'll check it out

Cabeça de uma Menina - Alphonse Mucha e suas principais pinturas ~ (Art Nouveau) Tcheco

Head Of A Girl by Alphonse Maria Mucha. Painting analysis, large resolution images, user comments, slideshow and much more.

Playful Russian Impressionist Pin-Ups - Konstantin Razumov Contemporizes the Classic Painting Style (GALLERY)

2월 14일.

2월 14일.

https://flic.kr/p/8cCKxk | self portrait on brown paper | staedtler pigment liner, sakura gel pen on bogus rough sketch pad

This was created by Paul Heaston. The medium is black and white colored pencil. This is inspiring to me because it shows that people are capable of using two colors to show true depth and images. This was created 2 years ago.

Male faces Study by *TorqueArtStudio on deviantART. This is great, because I can draw female faces pretty well, but male? Forget it.

natural beauty

Mark Demsteader is one of the most popular and influential figurative artists in Britain today, Mark's drawings have a sensitivity and an unfinished quality that make them powerful, enigmatic and stunning

Robert McNeill

Robert McNeill