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Hmart - Korean food (yes please!!)

Hmart - Korean food (yes please!


Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Soup) Recipe

The Coconut Mama - Real Food.

Eating Clean Food List by livelifeactive #Food_List #Eating_Clean #livelifeactive

Eating Clean Grocery List - Approved Foods List - The Eat Clean Diet - Eating Clean Food List

GMOs The Scary Truth & 8 Tips to Avoid Them | www.mixwellness.com

GMOs: The Scary Truth & 8 Tips to Avoid Them

Boycott Kraft's Boca Burgers

Boca Burgers is owned by Kraft - who gave 2 million dollars to stop GMO labeling in California!

Foods That Fight Pain  Science is starting to recognize that foods can relieve pain as well as—or even better than—drugs

10 Healing Foods That Fight Pain Naturally

Anthocyanins, a compound found in cherries, blocks inflammation and inhibits pain enzymes.

chia seeds. magic food  I love them in my water, juice and redbull.  They expand and feel like tapioca in your mouth.  A great way ti help keep you hydrated.  You can make chai pudding! Equal parts liquid and seeds then I blend up over ripe fruit and stir in.  low calorie and cold, great jello alternative.  Working on jelly alternative with natural, zero calorie sweetener and fruit only.

Chia Seeds, Eat up Sprinkle on oats, salads or add to smoothies! Get in those Chia Seeds!