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Ariel Inna Vjuzhanina, aka aida-art is a Ukrainian artist who created the amazing digital paintings. Sun queen The fugitive Esmeralda Jasmine Turquoise Snow white View the website

Disney princesses drawn in historically accurate garb. Snow White and Belle are my favorites when it comes to these illustrations.

Pin for Later: Disney Princesses Like You've Never Seen Them Historical Snow White Artist Claire Hummel dressed her Disney princesses in historically accurate costumes. Illustration by Claire Hummel

DADA Created Stunning Disney Character Mashups With Villains.

coolTop Disney Tattoo - Disney Princesses: Not So Happily Ever After?

The Real Disney Princesses = Awesome Cosplay (Snow is supposed to have fair skin, but its REALLY good cosplay)

Snow white

Katniss Snow Everdeen is alone in a huge castle with only just her evil stepmother and a few servants, maids and butlers. With Katniss's parents gone she spend.