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American Beauty

Space Lego Photography - Mike Stimpson has taken the Star Wars characters out of their world of fighting, and has put them in a array of fun scenarios. The Star Wars Lego.

These Custom Ewok High Heels are Cute and Furry. Yub Yub! [Pic]

These Custom Ewok High Heels are Cute and Furry. Yub Yub!

These are the custom Star Wars Ewok heels made and sold by Esty shop OrionsOriginals. They're perfect for the woman who has everything except a pair of furry Star Wars themed high heels.

AT-AT Bookends

AT-AT Bookends

Star Wars Book Ends / 17 Nerdy Home Decor Items to Geek Out Over

william will LOVE this!

Apparently not every Star Wars fan knows how to make a starfighter paper model using a note. But if you want to form a fleet of paper starfighters, the Star

I find your lack of cupcakes disturbing....but I'm trying to watch what I eat so I suppose it's for the best.

I really have no idea why I find this so amusing. And really its MY lack of cupcakes I find disturbing haha

Star Wars: Scoundrels Gets Book Trailer

Exclusive Trailer: 'Star Wars: Scoundrels' by Timothy Zahn!

Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian work together on a potentially lucrative heist in the hopes of paying off Jabba the Hutt's bounty on Han's head. Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn.

haha, great "response from guy who designed the infamous exhaust port on Death Star"

Potential re-post. An Open Letter From a Death Star Architect Hey guys. The guy who put in the exhaust ports on the Death Star. I know, I know Dis shit

404 error.

Saw this on Mashable for unique 404 pages and it made the geek in me laugh. I think it is time for me to add a custom 404 page to the website with this image!