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Didn't know wether to pin this in photography or funniies!!

Tourist vs. art graduate vs. Asian.

Bill Murray's a badass and all, but I'm really just pinning this so I can make a "polite as fuck" tee.

Bill Murray is the real "Most Interesting Man In The World." Bill Fucking Murray ladies and gentleman.

I'm not sure why this made me laugh so hard.

haha not sure why I found this so hilarious. spread that shit, REAL good.


Legolas is actually using a recurve bow, not a longbow. Bow Legolas is actually using a recurve bow not longbow

So there's this cat in the ultrasound...

funny-ultrasound-baby-cat-expecting and a kitten too on the baby's head :) I laughed so hard :)

커피 적정 온도

커피 적정 온도

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

This is Mario. He has a neurological disorder that prevents him from walking. When everyone had all but given up on him, I chose to give him a second chance. He's changed my life.

Funny pictures about Face swap gone wrong. Oh, and cool pics about Face swap gone wrong. Also, Face swap gone wrong.

When our kids were in High School my friend's son hear a teacher didn't read so he wrote the first page according to the assignment, then a page on why I like Donald Duck, then ended with assignment page.  He got an "A".  Three years later, (after I told this story) my son's friend did the same thing talking about motor bikes on the second page.  He, too, got a high mark.  Sad.....

Some teachers don’t even care anymore…

this kid is my hero and i also respect his thoughts about the diff between sprite and sierra mist. fuck you, sierra mist.


This is beautiful! An animated chart of 42 North American butterflies (from Tabletop Whale - Eleanor Lutz -

Great and small game of Africa  London :Rowland Ward, Limited,1899.  BioDivLibrary

Hands down, one of the coolest resources - Vintage book scans from the Biodiversity Heritage Library - free for non-commercial use (with attribution) For book embellishment journal and decoupage art

I'm pinning this under animals because of the dog not the girl. Please read!

It was worth it