#wattpad #fanfiction I've always enjoyed drawing. I even enjoyed making up my friends. But I never thought that my friends would turn out to be the real deal. And I never thought I would be involved in all this mumbo jumbo stuff with L, Kira, and this stuff about death. My name is Ryoko Taizumi and this is my story ~ ~...

The Shinigami Creator (Death Note Fanfic) - Chapter Seventeen: Not Sane Yet

She's really strong! She's caring and a major tom boy! Her real name is Nanami but people call her Nancy.

Pequeño boceto de una viñeta cuyos protas son Su y Castiel...^^

I forgot to submit this drawing here so This is Lysandre, or Lysander, a character from thiq game ( www. Lysandre and bunny

Blitzcrank and hero 6. To cute. To much

Blitzcrank (from League of Legends) and Baymax (from Big Hero meme!

KISS MEME WITH WAIFUUUU by omocha-san on deviantART. I want a boyfriend who will give me Eskimo kisses:( <<< I want a relationship where any of happens :(