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+로우앵글 +어깨너머 돌아봄

"I hope you weren't plannin' on gettin' outta here alive." /// after the outbreak people turned on others, some for revenge of other things that have happened in the past, and other for the pure joy, the thrill of it

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In which Jungkook learns about relationships, loneliness and crazy best friends. diary ☆ - once again ☆ - finally

Possible character

She cut her hair with kiddie scissors and dyed it with grease as soon as she crossed the state line

"A strong man doesn't need to read the future—he makes his own."

It was plain, but proudly dawned an engraving; I dont smoke, but i like to burn things. It was an inside joke. I used to buy cigs just to watch the flame catch the paper, rolling into nothing but ash and smoke.