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coffee and understanding

At anytime of the day, a Lover needs understanding. LOL Coffee Lovers know this is an ongoing thing. Good morning ~Me



9 coffee drinks with clever nicknames that you've probably never heard of - I Love Coffee / Coffee Shop Stuff

Most of the time.

Sometimes is an understatement

I think I like coffee more than people. Coffee soothes my nerves and people get on my nerves

Love My Morning Coffee ☕ Oh...and U if you bring ☕;)

Si me traes café sin tener que pedírtelo. ~ If you bring me coffee without having to ask. I LOVE you.


I love you. I love coffee. I love you more than coffee but not always before coffee. Are you not a morning person? Share your love of coffee with

It's coffee o'clock all the time, right!?

The Health Effects Of Drinking Coffee Daily. Enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee the first thing in the morning is enjoyed by thousands of people every day.

I laugh in the face of decaf

I laugh in the face of decaf - Humorous Hand Stamped Vintage Coffee Spoon for Coffee Lovers (TM)