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Cover for Fantasy Flight Games for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Edition, The Gathering Storm. © Games Workshop The Gathering Storm




Here's a piece I did for WotC last year, for the D&D Rules Compendium. I realized I had a lot of D&D art I hadn't uploaded yet! Dungeons and Dragons: Rules Compendium 1

latest (565×819)

Skittle CN male ratfolk alchemist (grenadier), played by Daniel Hallinan Born within the depths of Riddleport’s mines, Skittle fostered a

warhammer empire. Looks exactly like a landsknecht besides.

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Goblin/Dwarf Battle by slaine69 on DeviantArt

It's been aaaaages since I done a battle pic and along popped good old Gareth Brierley to get me back in the thick of it with this.

Cool Fantasy Illustrations by Ralph Horsley

m Paladin Plate Sword vs f Drow Elf Cleric Whip spiders forest hills stream log bridge This is one by my favourite D&D-related and Ralph Horsley-created pieces of all time. Now, is this the real secret of the Spiderhaunt Woods?