Circa 1909 ensemble -- love the hat!

Vintage Fashion: An Edwardian-style white cotton dress with crochet lace, and an exquisite wide brimmed hat.

Actual vintage photo of the dress that inspired one of Roses dresses from Titanic on the left with the movie dress on the right!

Titanic film suit dress Les Modes (Paris) Tailored suit for the afternoon by Linker & Co. & Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic Costume design by Deborah L. Scott Ladies Home Journal (June,.

''Absolutely love this outfit from 100 years ago....Edwardian linen 'walking' (promenade) suit  -  c.1915''

Edwardian linen 'walking' (promenade) suit - This is the walking linen suit I mention above that reminded me of the 2013 Valentino couture before this photo. Could they be exchanged in each other's year?

Tea dress.  I swear if I had the time and money I'd end up wearing Victorian/steampunk inspired clothing 90% of the time

Edwardian tea gown w/butterfly lace insets. This dress was worn to "Afternoon Tea" what we, in the States, mistakenly call "High Tea". "High Tea" was and still is the middle-class evening meal, (also called "Supper") in the UK.

Чайное платье. Немного из истории моды. Антикварная кукла Хенрих Хандверк…

Two beautiful white linen Summer Dresses, Augusta Auctions, Nov 2013 NYC

Day dress, probably British, ca. 1906-08.

Day dress, ca. Heavy cream-colored linen blend with embroidery, lace, and linen-covered wooden button trim. White net insert with small flowers at neck. Wide skirt, slightly longer in back. Lined bodice. Hook & eye closure in back.

Edwardian 1905- I would so wear this for my wedding gown on my wedding day :)!

Evening Dress: ca. & dress epitomises the elegant feminine fashions of the well-to-do in the Edwardian period, particularly in its use of soft flowing pale silk, extensive use of lace and net, and in the ornate decoration of the bodice.

Tirelli Costumi - Abito Oscar - Morte A Venezia

1912 Tirelli dress - Love the hat.

Mid-1910s dress via Etsy: silverbranchhome

dress via Etsy: silverbranchhome

Such a great look.

Worth evening gown, Paris, c. 1912 (side) I love Worth gowns so much!

Embroidered handkerchief linen dress, ca. 1900.

Embroidered handkerchief linen dress, ca. Embroidery on bodice overlaps lace insertion in some places. High collar with stays on both sides. Large puffy sleeves above embroidered, ruffled cuff. Waistline comprises a series of diamond-shaped panel

higher neckline, knit dress with tank top or spaghetti strap shoulders, overcoat light weight knit - "burn-out?", with a flowery subtle print, no belt.  regular neckline in the back.  Sorry, no hat.

Dress, Callot Soeurs, Linen lace and silk satin with silk-knotted fringe, tunic center back. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I presume this is a dress worn in half-mourning.

Robe et le glissement vers 1,907 Unknown Français Maker Lieu objet a été créé : la France, l'Europe de la dentelle de coton, fil de lin.

fashionsfromhistory: “ Tea Gown France Mint Museum ” This dress is beautiful but I don’t believe it should be labeled “tea gown.” It’s been my understanding that a tea gown would NEVER be worn.

Rosalind Lutece - The BioShock Wiki - BioShock, BioShock 2 ...I just find this an interesting costume study

Rosalind Lutece

Rosalind Lutece - The BioShock Wiki - BioShock, BioShock 2 .I just find this an interesting costume study // this satisfies my love of Bioshock and Victorian fashion so well.

§130.93. Fashion Design TEKS 10(A) analyze the nature and scope of fashion by (ii) demonstrating knowledge of fashion history relative to current fashions. #FS4703

History of Fashion

Fashion Silhouettes Timeline Drawings 1900 to 1910

Feathers were used excessively as decoration on hats and as boas. The fur skin of whole animals such as foxes and even two foxes were used as wraps about the shoulders. Aesthetes objected to the use of animal products.

Fashion History - Edwardian Style of Late 1890s - 1914

Martial and Armand Creation depicting the perfectly groomed directoire styled woman of 1912