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I like drawing undertale! I'm Korean, I am not good at English. -please do not steal content that's.

Sleep Rancher by Kaleios on DeviantArt

Slime Rancher was actually one of my fave series to watch bc overload cuteness

Meanwhile at Valve Headquarters

Meanwhile at Valve Headquarters. I don't even play Portal and I want this.

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Wheatey's a "genius". I feel ya dude, my Spanish I isn't great either.

When I heard the Spanish bit I knew my five years of Spanish had finally paid off. --- Wish my school did Spanish.

A DIY Wheatley from Portal From an idea all the way down to final product. Very realistic.

Tristan Reidford's 70s style movie poster for Portal 2.

Funny pictures about Portal 2 style movie poster. Oh, and cool pics about Portal 2 style movie poster. Also, Portal 2 style movie poster photos.

Portal 2: From the sky to the core. No pun intended. (Except maybe a little.)

Portal From the sky to the core. No pun intended.) GLaDOS, Chell, Wheatley, Turrets, they're all here.

To help put your problems into perspective, Portal 2!

Portal Glados when she was installed in a potato. Coolest potato battery I've ever seen