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펭귄이 콘센트를 빼려하는 모습을 통해 지구온난활를 멈춰가자는 취지를 알 수있다 배경과 빛의 색감대비도 버인다

Help Stop Global Warming Ad One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Save electricity and reduce global warming now, by turning off. Help Stop Global Warming Ad

I love this! So creative and imaginative.

This ad appeals to plain folk, because every child thought when they were little that they could be anyone or anything they wanted.

기네스 맥주의 재미있는 광고, 락스타가 되기까지의 험난한 과정을 기네스 맥주잔 안에서 보여주는 모습~

Nicely crafted print and poster work for Asia Pacific Breweries/Diagio from BBDO Proximity Singapore that shows the road to the top for a rock star. Tagline that goes along: Guinness: Made of More.

3 poignant public service advertisings Designed by World Wildlife Fund. Crying.

These 33 Powerful Images Will Stop You In Your Tracks... And Open Your Eyes.

Susurro - Ilusión óptica

Mental health shouldn't be a taboo or an issue. Adverts like these can help it on the way not to be. The design creates a discreet, hidden look, this works well for the subject matter.

Awesome billboards. Other countries can be so creative.

Here are some awesome Billboard ads that I liked. I found them really creative and funny.

DUCT TAPE! We all know you can fix darn near anything with it. Here's proof! Pinned by Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc. www.clickandcombust.com

Here Are 15 Extremely Clever Billboards. #4 Messed With My Brain. WOW.

The ad is very creative in its demonstration of the uses for duct tape. Here the billboard creates the illusion that it is being held together by the tape itself.