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Estelon Extreme speakers powered by Burmester 909MK5 amplifiers and electronics

Estelon Extreme speakers powered by Burmester amplifiers and electronics

Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Omega

Floor speakers for sale in New Zealand. Buy and sell Floor speakers on Trade Me.

Thorens Reference Turntable, 1979.  These were available in a number of finishes.  Most were gloss white or gloss black.  The factory would use any color you specified for an additional cost.  Wonderful flexibility, multiple arms, allows one to use an arm dedicated to 'mono', and of course two for MM and MC cartridges and 9 or 12 inch tonearms..   Not a big fan of belt drive turntables, but once the 30+lbs platter gets up and spinning, it provides plenty of drive force..

Thorens Reference Turntable, 1979 Sambanaut Benjamin Oliver Wellington Nash explains what you're looking at: "The big Gold posts support a central.

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Music Room at 5 star hotel: Rawi Warin Resort & Spa. This hotel's address is: 139 Moo Lanta Yai Island Klong Tob Beach Koh Lanta and have 185 rooms


Type – open baffle, 3 way active. Weight – 290 kg, 639 lbs (per speaker)

Concert for one. #MusicMonday  @jammfactory

Concert for one. #MusicMonday @jammfactory