hand_016.jpg8dca09cb-1e4d-4092-8af7-61702c89777cOriginal.jpg (530×855)

hand_016.jpg8dca09cb-1e4d-4092-8af7-61702c89777cOriginal.jpg (530×855)

051994e9f6248d4a807e0f75d424f0bd.jpg (564×996)

Realistic Rigged Hand Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

topology_feet_front.jpg (760×570)

This is the third stage of my character modeling studies, the Leg and the Foot. Building a convincingly looking low-poly knee is not an easy task.

modelling, texturing, rendering, animation tutorial: Hand topology

This in particular is extremely helpful to me because I have had extreme difficulty modeling hands and fingers and making them look good. The topology here looks like what I want and what I would try for if I were to model a hand.

Создание и настройка "скелетов" персонажей в MaYa - Уроки Maya

Creating and customizing the "skeletons" of characters in MaYa - Maya Lessons