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Once I told my mom that I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore and she went into a big rant about how awful Slytherins were. I'm the only slytherin in my family. Everyone else in is the other houses

i will absolutely accept this as canon

I actually think Draco wrote it. It explains the "dark lord" and why he immediately blamed it on Ginny. But this is funny

James as a dad

James & Lily's Howlers omg I'm crying this is so sad! Then again they wouldn't have crashed the car because he wouldn't be the chosen one and he would've had a normal Wizard childhood

This is absolutely what would happen lol

"Sirius, it's just because he can't say padfoot. No ones ever seen a padfoot, but he's seen the moon." *five minutes later* "WOOF!"<Harry actually said Pa-foo first

Andromeda to Ted every day.  "Ted, dear, I've decided to cook a Julia child recipe every day this month, just to improve my skills."  "Yes, that's lovely, Sweetie.  Can you start with one of the desserts?"

I like the idea of slytherins in the great hall being like "I bet I can fit four slices of treacle tart in my mouth at once" and having stupid food challenges because they're ambitious like that

harry potter - slytherins

However, Harry's generation of Slytherins grew up with those Pure-Blood ideals. Many of their parents were death-eaters. They grew up believing this.

You know... with some of these things... I swear I'm a Slytherpuff. O.o

Exactly, just don't try and take my spot, I'm in a crappy mood and I will fight you. Better yet don't even be near me just leave food at the door.


Throwing themselves into their work to catch someone's attention sounds very Ravenclaw, too.