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Daniel Danger is an illustrator and printmaker working out of New England. The son of an middle school art teacher married to a professional potter, Daniel was never going to be a mathematician or.

Family photo -- they look more organized than *my* family!

trouvaillesdujour: A Day at a Farm with Rob MacInnis-,cows pose for a family photo

Old Red Snowy Barn.......

Carver County Quilt Barns Photo by L. Marie they have these Quit Barns all over in Shawano, Wisconsin Also.

tinymediaempire:  "i speak in ninth grade form, cord under the door.powers out. we wait out the storm and i am floored.”18x24” four color sc...

"i speak in ninth grade form, cord under the door. we wait out the storm and i am floored.” by Daniel Danger

Indiana landscapes

I will be getting a windmill tattoo. "A windmill represents the power of movement and stimulating force. In general, as wind symbolizes the mind, the windmill represents the proper use of intellectual abilities.

Od barn with a beautiful pond reflection:

An old barn with a beautiful pond reflection in the bleak winter-time. Just BEAUTIFUL!

Beautiful Snow Everywhere Love Moments

Snow covered barn behind a country home. and I don't even like red. It must be the snow with the red.

I would love to have one in my backyard.  Backyard living / G.c.FIEND

WOW Love this group of charming old windmills! ♥Old Windmills, Vintage Windmills, Rustic Windmills, Country Windmills, Windmill Parts!

A Place in the Country

This reminds me of the windmill that pumped the water for my grandparents' ranch house near Carlsbad.


I'm not sure there is anything I enjoy more than old fence posts with rusty barbed wire.

✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃•Aussiegirl  Barn in Arkansas

Midnight Farmer // photo of NW Arkansas barn by Joel Mcafee for Capture Arkansas Photo Contest


This picture shows exactly where I want to live in future. My dream is to have my own country house with a little farm. So I can relax and rest. The nature is the best place where I find inspiration and best ideas to better me and my family’s life.

this isn't happiness.

tinymediaempire: ““…and sometimes you go to that place we do not know, and sometimes you come back, and sometimes you don’t.” by Daniel Danger five color screenprint, print three of an ongoing.

Daniel Danger - I Have Troubles Today I had Not Yesterday

Poster for the Flight of the Conchords show in Phoenix. Mogwai gig poster designed by Tiny Media Empire Concert poster for Andrew Bird .